Dr. Judith Thomas

Author and Lecturer


 Judith now resides in Windsor, but has lived and worked in many countries
 including Belgium, the USA, Japan, Indonesia, 
New Zealand,  and the Middle East.  

She is the mother of three, two girls and a boy, who 
were born in Japan, USA and New Zealand.

She lectures on a variety of topics of these countries and has  a special interest in  the  Far East, Asian and Middle Eastern countries and their cultures. She has spent time as an on-board expert lecturing on History and Culture of the different countries visited by small  Cruise and Expedition ships. This has included  many  "Timeless Japan"  and  "Indian Ocean Experiences" cruises and aspects of South Asia in general. 

Her doctorate focused on women in enclosed corporate lifestyles in the Middle East.
She has also spent many years in Industry, as a Human Resources Director
 and later as a Management Training Specialist. Her two Masters Degrees involved group and individual counselling.

Her books, both an autobiography and her book of short stories reflect her fascinating background and her wide experience of different countries and cultures.

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