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                                 Collection of 18 Short Stories

- with a twist


About the Author

Dr. Judith Thomas has lived in many countries including the Middle and Far-East. 

She has written and lectured on topics ranging from Japanese history, theology, to international issues. She also gives lectures and seminars on individual relationships and personal development. 

She holds degrees from British and American universities. Mother of three children now established in the USA, she lives with her husband in Windsor UK


"All in the Head"
and other tales with a twist

This is a collection of 18 short stories, each with a provocative, unusual twist. The characters we meet are from different cultures and the locations are set in some odd and exotic parts of the world. From South Africa to Japan, from Bangkok to an English suburb, from rural France to North America, the characters we meet will fascinate the reader.

Some of the characters include a woman executive with a hidden obsession, a soldier with a deep and terrifying past, a widower dealing with grief, an academic wrestling with morality, a teenager pushing the boundaries and a couple enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

The tales range from the funny to the poignant to the strange – and as in life, things often turn out far differently from what we expect.


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