From Collar to Cleavage - an Autobiography 

About the Author

Dr. Judith Thomas has lived in many countries including the Middle and Far-East. 

She has written and lectured on topics ranging from Japanese history and culture, Korean History , Indian History and Culture, theology, to international issues. She also gives lectures and seminars on individual relationships and personal development. 

She holds degrees from British and American universities. Mother of three children now established in the USA, she lives with her husband in Windsor UK


"Collar to Cleavage"

Collar to Cleavage” a compelling read, a book that invites the reader to embark on three journeys - from a childhood in Wales to an adulthood of International proportions. To travel from one country to another - to visit and then to put down temporary roots – some in exotic  and far flung places, and some where you would not want to live by choice. To a personal journey which explores the motives and struggles of the human heart. It deals with life transitions both spiritual and emotional.

It challenges us to examine how we process not only the joys but the difficulties of life. It is humorous, yet poignant, autobiographical, yet it resonates with each of us. It invites us to reflect on our own issues in a light hearted way. 

We meet larger than life characters from Swansea to Sumatra, from enigmatic Japan to a chicken factory in New Zealand.  The author’s zest for life in all its fullness is infectious. She deals with the past - the aching loneliness of a marriage, life as a corporate wife, the shock of adoption or exploring life as a priest, we find that in her honesty we understand ourselves better.

Change is inevitable, life happens.

A journey of discovery that leaves us smiling and reflecting, with lessons learned and strength gained.

The book is a tale of her life, but it may also  be used as the basis for more deeper thoughts and discussions on the appropriate sections.

Read, smile and enjoy “Collar to Cleavage”